Roadmap and completed milestones


Updated 7th May 2021
    Q1 2020: Land and Items migrated to Ronin ✔️
    Q2 2021: Axies migrated to Ronin ✔️
    Q2 2021: Axie: Origin Alpha ✔️
    Q3 2021: $AXS staking ✔️
    Q4 2021: Land Gameplay Community Alpha
    Late 2021 / Early 2022: $AXS ecosystem begins
      Play to Earn
      Mainstream release of Axie Infinity on iOS/Android
    First half 2022: Land gameplay
    Second half 2022: Lunacia SDK Alpha

The endgame is to create a single application which players can use to interact with the entire Axie Infinity universe:

    Social network
    Progression of Axies (Leveling, achievements)
    Breeding Game
    PvP with ladder and tournaments
    PvE / Adventure mode
    Land Gameplay
      Players expand their kingdom, harvest resources, attack Chimeras and other players.
    Lunacia SDK - Allowing developers and creators to make games using existing Axie Infinity assets and hosting them on land.

Completed milestones

    December 2017: Concept and Idea - Development begins
    February 2018: Origin Axie Presale begins - 900 ETH raised
    March 2018: In-House Axie-NFT Marketplace released
    May 2018: Breeding game released
    October 2018: Idle battle game released
    January 2019: Land Sale begins - 3200 ETH raised
    May 2019: In-House Land/item-NFT marketplace on ETH Layer 2 (Loom Network) released
    December 2019: Unified Land and Axie marketplace
    December 2019: Community alpha (card battle game) released
    May 2020: Mavis Hub released
    May 2020: All land in Quarter 1 sold out - 4600+ ETH raised.
    June 2020: Axie Infinity participates in Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab
    July 2020: Ronin Sidechain in test net
    August 2020: Land gameplay internal alpha
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